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MacBook Pro Firmware Update

Posted 19 January 2013 - 08:47 AM

The situation :
Customer brought in a MacBook Pro that is performing slowly, often times does not boot to the OS. After looking at dmesg output, there are I/O errors from the drive. So I bought an identical WD hard drive in size (500gb) & did a duplication with dd. Problem is that the hard drive is 1 mb smaller than the original. With the MacBook Pro partition scheme, the restore partition takes up the 3rd partition, & is truncated & unusable. I fixed this with diskutil by shrinking the 2nd partition, formatting a new 3rd partition to hfs+, & redoing the dd copy of partition 3.

After the above partition juggling didn't work, I used Time Machine to format the drive, reinstall the OS, & still it will not boot when installed into the machine. It boots just fine when hooked up over USB.

The problem is that the new hard drive will only boot off USB. When it is on the SATA bus it isn't seen with disk utilities & booting off time machine or dvd.

I found an article that says there is a known issue of firmware update for the Mac SATA bus to address newer SATA III drives, & here are the instructions from Apple's website.

My question is, does anyone know the actual instructions to perform the firmware upgrade, as the original hard drive is failing & I don't want to go through the hassle of trying to pull data from the original, & I can't access the one currently installed. Also, has anyone else had this issue, as I'm not a fan of flashing firmware when I don't have to.

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