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Launchers, Software and playing nice with MATE!

Posted 20 January 2013 - 10:34 AM

I typically use and prefer vim over all other IDE's but I also wanted to play around with the newer version of Netbeans and Aptana Studio 3. Of course these aren't available in the software center or the repo's so I downloaded and installed myself.

After extracting to /usr/local and chmod +x the netbeans installer I was up and running no issues, with Aptana I took a similar approach - mv files to /usr/local and executed - works great. So time to create a shortcut launcher for Aptana in Main Menu since Netbeans was a good little trooper and went right into the programming category like it belongs.

Aptana however did nothing, so I went into the main menu and added it manually. Set it to display in the Programming category with the likes of my Code::Blocks, Netbeans, IDLE and PHPMyAdmin. Of course this is waaaaaaaaaaaay to easy! God forbid something actually go right. Well it was there in the main menu of course, under "OTHER"

OTHER = My OCD forced me to remove Aptana Studio all together and never consider it a worthy piece of software. ("This is the stand-alone version by the way not the eclipse extension")

OS - Linux Mint 13 - MATE
Software - 64 Bit Aptana Studio 3

This is an example of one software refusing to behave, I am sure there are plenty of others.

My question is: How can I force this program into the launcher category I want, not what Aptana or MATE wants?

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