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Is it possible that Google retaliates when you discontinue AdWords?

Posted 20 January 2013 - 02:09 PM

So, I've been working with a small business client spiradically on IT related things. I initially sorted out a lot of things for them, including their google maps. I remembered having to change some of the details of the location such as operating times and business names. Everything was going fine for a long time with regard to their google map search results... Until my client called me and asked me to put sign up for google Ad Words and use the free credits google mailed them.

I signed them up for the adwords and put coordinated with my client to decide which ad phrases would be most helpful to their business. Then I let that experiment run for a few months. By the end of the experiment, google reported there had been no actual clicks on the ad, although they were rendered around 70 times per month for google searchers looking for related content. I discussed the results with the client and they decided to close the Ad Words account. That's when things started getting weird.

A few months after closing the AdWords account and removing credit card information, the Google Maps location got moved. All google directions to their business now lead to a random location along a near by highway. Their directions page which I built based on the Google maps API was now misdirecting people. When I try to move things back into order, I get a "We believe things are in the correct place" response from google (usually weeks but most recently months after making the request). The map marker is being restored to a blatantly wrong place with out any near by buildings what so ever. I don't understand how a human checking off that location would ever consider it to be the correct location, so if the delay has anything to do with having a human check things over, I don't understand how this could be continueing. Especially considering competitive services list the location in the correct spot.

Has anyone else noticed strange things happening with google after discontinueing pay for services?

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