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Ideal web development languages

Posted 25 January 2013 - 10:30 PM

Hello all, I am a complete newbie to web development and as we speak this is my first interaction to the subject. I am however knowledgeable about coding in Java and c++. So my question is, what are good languages for web development and what factors play into the decision of what languages to use? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Ideal web development languages

Posted 25 January 2013 - 10:43 PM

Moved to Web Development.

Make sure to check out this thread, as well as do a search for this question. It is a frequently asked question and you will get a lot of good hits by searching.
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Re: Ideal web development languages

Posted 25 January 2013 - 10:54 PM

This sort of question is bound to start a flame war. In any case, here's my two cents:


Pros: hosting is cheap. If you are C/C++ programmer you can extend it pretty easily. There's a lot of great open source software written in PHP.

Cons: it's not very well designed--literally hundreds of disorganized, inconsistent top-level functions. New functionality is frequently sloppy. Like, they'll add support for 'functional-style programming' and arbitrarily limit the recursion depth to exactly 100 calls (tail-recursive or not).


Pros: hosting is cheap. Also built on C, and also a lot of free/open-source software.

Cons: you'll have to join the cult, which can be pretty embarrassing because of all of the tattoos involved.


Pros: it's dead simple. It's also built on Java, so you can essentially write your application in Java and use minimal ColdFusion to interface with your Java code. It can also interoperate with .NET. Neato.

Cons: hosting is pretty expensive. Adobe doesn't really give a rat's ass about it (they acquired it some time ago). Job options are fairly limited.


Pros: cheap hosting, lambdas, uber-geeky community, hacker friendly, kind of fun to program.

Cons: Python gets severe breaking changes every time they update it. For example, there are thousands of Python 2.x programs that won't work in 3.x until you a) add parentheses to every print statement (because print should have been a function!) and b. adjust a bunch of pattern matching expression for some cryptic reason that I couldn't explain.

Someone else can chime in on Ruby. I personally find the hype so obnoxious that I've never bothered to learn it.

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Re: Ideal web development languages

Posted 25 January 2013 - 11:43 PM

I personally think that Rails is one of the strongest in the web arena, and ignoring is is of some serious consequence.

Check youtube for a demonstration of someone building a blog in under 10 minutes in rails.

It's extremely powerful, fast for development and prototyping. It's biggest strength is in its metaprogramming and solid language foundation. Ruby itself is an extremely powerful language that is both highly OO and Functionally based.
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