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UI Automation - QTAgent32 file in use problem

Posted 19 February 2013 - 06:27 AM

Hello EveryBody!

I have an issue with QTAgent(QtAgent32.exe which runs on the Test Agent machine)during Install and Uninstall automated tests of an application. During this operations a dialog opens that says that QTAgent32.exe is in use. The problem is reproduced only on Vista+ machines because of the Files in Use and Restart manager features of Windows Installer 4.This dialog causes the tests to fail. I am looking for a solution to stop this window from showing up. Any ideas would be welcomed :).

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Re: UI Automation - QTAgent32 file in use problem

Posted 19 February 2013 - 06:59 AM

Does the dialog give more details about which files are in use? As I recall the dialog displays a list of processes that maybe using files that are meant to be touched by the installer, but I don't recall whether it also actually lists those files, or only processes.

If not the dialog, if you turn on verbose logging for the installer (eg. /L*v option when running msieexec.exe), does the dialog say which files are currently in use?

Anyway the point I'm getting to is that there isn't much you can do if your test runner also happens to be using the same set of files that your program is trying to install or uninstall, particularly if it's the CRT or the .NET framework. You may have some luck if you pre-install the CRT and/or the .NET framework on your automated test machine, but then you are polluting your test by now having those things pre-installed. On the other hand, you are already polluting your test anyway by having the test runner running on the test machine so it's a matter of making an analysis whether pre-installing some files, and having the test runner significantly will impact the reliability of your results. (I sometimes liken this to quantum physics and observations -- the act of taking a measurement affects the system.)

An alternative I think is to modify your install/uninstall script. As I recall there is an option to tell the installer to request/force a reboot if it discovers files are in use during install/uninstall. I don't know if the test runner can survive a reboot and remember its session state to be able to pick up where it last left off, though.
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