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[Link] How Neo4j Beat Oracle Database

Post icon  Posted 22 February 2013 - 08:50 PM


InfoWorld: Graph database technology is not the same as NoSQL, is it?

Eifrem: NoSQL is actually four different types of databases: There's key value stores, like Amazon DynamoDB, for example. There's column-family stores like Cassandra. There's document databases like MongoDB. And then there's graph databases like Neo4j. There are actually four pillars of NoSQL, and graph databases is one of them. Cisco is building a master data management system based on Neo4j, and this is actually our first Fortune 500 customer. They found us about two years ago when they tried to build this big, complex hierarchy inside of Oracle RAC. In Oracle RAC, they had response time in minutes, and then when they replaced it [with] Neo4j, they had response times in milliseconds.


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