What Database program should I use for e-commerce?

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Post icon  Posted 09 August 2007 - 11:00 AM

I am confused about SQL. Are there different kinds of SQL? If anyone could help in what SQL database program I should use for e-commerce?
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Re: Databases

Posted 09 August 2007 - 12:37 PM

Microsoft currently has three versions of SQL Server 2005 (with 2008 and its versions coming up as beta). But right now all you have to worry about is what type of 2005 edition is right for you.

1) SQL Server 2005 - This is the standard edition that has all of the code base and probably the most suitable to doing enterprise level ecommerce solutions. This is the edition you often buy and is supported by Microsoft support plans for companies.

2) SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition - This edition is stripped down a bit and designed for smaller environments like mobile application handling, maybe something like tablet pcs etc. Due to the stripped down nature it is compacted to only the essentials and targeting smaller devices with only core services.

3) SQL Server 2005 Express Edition - This is another stripped down version freely available to the public. It is great for learning the basics of SQL and can handle smaller business projects that don't need heavy reliability or a bunch of features for reporting or interaction with other key systems. This version is probably not the best for full ecommerce and can be very limiting later when you want to add things like reporting services or get support from Microsoft through company service agreements. It is primarily for basic application development, testing environments, and smaller "hobbyist" type projects.

So for your situation, if you are wanting to go into business with an ecommerce site I would recommend the standard SQL server 2005 edition which will provide you the reliability and flexibility to extend it later. I wouldn't build full ecommerce applications on either of the other two platforms.

Now not to confuse you or anything, those are the three editions, but these versions can and often do have service packs that are released later to upgrade them. So you can see SQL Server 2005 with service pack 1 (SP1). This just means it is the standard SQL Server 2005 edition with extra fixes and additions made with the upgrade.

Hope this helps!
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