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[link] Planning in Games: An Overview and Lessons Learned

Posted 09 March 2013 - 12:48 PM


A solid overview of the AI planning technique and what it is all about.


It's hard to ignore the potential of planning techniques for Game AI, and over the years they've drawn much attention from developers and researchers alike. In theory, planners could help build more intelligent non-player characters, and (indirectly) more believable and entertaining NPCs. Better still, planners as game directors or story generators could help craft unique experiences for each player.
In this article and its accompanying video, I'll dig into the history of planning in games, look at games that use planning as well as related techniques that have had an impact, and present the biggest lessons we've learned as a result of all this.

FYI: What is planning?


Given a description of the possible initial states of the world, a description of the desired goals, and a description of a set of possible actions, the planning problem is to find a plan that is guaranteed (from any of the initial states) to generate a sequence of actions that leads to one of the goal states.

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