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Need some Help, about Software Development?

Posted 20 March 2013 - 06:10 AM

Dear everybody,

I wanne develop some SEO Software plan is already finisch but the next step if my problem
i have search right now the hole WWWeb for some good tutorials, where to start with my project..

But there are a lot of stuff, but not the good one, what i need!

Little indication about the project:
"What we need"

- Some starting tutorials in the sense of article spinners
- Some starting tutorials in the sense of IP / http / https / socks hiders
- Some starting tutorials in the sense of Keyword Exchanger

Hope for good sugestions or tips, Thanks a lot!

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Replies To: Need some Help, about Software Development?

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Re: Need some Help, about Software Development?

Posted 20 March 2013 - 06:17 AM

So you're really asking ... "How do I architect and build my entire program?"

Would someone show me how to build my program? - Read this article

We have an area where you can post this as a job for hire. Would you like the thread moved there?

My standard beginner resources post - Updated JAN 2013

Plan your study route:
There are three routes people seem to take when learning programming.
  • Just start trying to create programs
  • Start taking apart other programs and try to figure out the language by reverse engineering
  • Follow a guided learning course (school or self-teaching books)

For the life of me I can't figure out why people try 1 & 2. I strongly suggest taking the guided learning approach. Those book authors go in a certain order for a reason: They know what they're doing and they know the best order to learn the materials.

  • First learn the language by working 2-5 "Learn C# in 30 days" type books cover to cover.
  • Do a dozen on-line tutorial projects where you build what you're told to build, the way you are told to build it WITH AN EXPLANATION OF WHY so you can learn.
  • Learn to plan before you type.
  • THEN you start designing software with a purpose.

I don't learn from reading books: I learn by doing.

Newbie/Rookie said:

I have little/no programming experience but I need to write a program by Friday that does XYZ.

Resources, references and suggestions for new programmers.

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