Multiplayer Application

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Multiplayer Application

Posted 21 March 2013 - 07:20 AM

Hey guys, So I had this question for a while now, but thought I could work on it on my own. Turns out, it's a little complicated for me to learn this!
I made a small App on Windows (Using C++) that has a pixel character able to move around (up, down, left, right). And I thought before I go any further, I might as well make my app online now so it's less difficult in the future.
How can I do this?
Currently, I have a server app, when it's open, the player can join. When it's not open, the player cannot join.

BUT the problem is, only one person is allowed to join 0_0?
So my main question is.. How can I get the server to connect multiple clients?
I read online I need a multithread, but I'm not sure how this works..

Can someone help explain this whole process to me?
Maybe a few examples would be nice, too!

If you need more information, leave me a comment ASAP:)

P.S. Currently, one server can be open, and one player can join. I want to allow a second player as well to play together (show eachother moving around as they do).

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