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how do i make sub categories

Posted 23 March 2013 - 06:24 PM

Ok, just so i can make it clear this is not for a class or anything. I just started ASP.net and trying to make a few pages. I just finished creating my first login/registration form so wohoo. lol

Anyhow this is what i'm doing. well i'm following a book recommended by a friend. this is out of the book:

Create a Products.aspx page
This page can be a list of products of your own choosing, but you must include an image, name and description of each product
Also include a an option for a user to be able to select sub categories of products that when selected will automatically postback and display just the products in that subcategory. You could use asp.net panels to help perform this.

So i'm trying to create a mens clothing page that will show a piece of mens jersey and when click on it it will show nfl, soccer and basketball jerseys.

i want to create a single product detail page for one of my products. This will include a larger image of my product with more detailed information and will allow a user to select different variations of that product (such as by color) that will automatically postback and display the new version for the product.

When a user selects different variation of your product then create an event log that logs what the user selected.

so in order i want to;
1)create a products page that lists products in the required format
2)Create subcategories my products page that when selected will automatically postback and display the new set of products
3) Create a product detail page with product in that required format
4) Option to select different variations of the same product that will automatically postback and display the new version of the product
5)Create an event log that logs what a user selected when viewing the product detail page

So what i did was create a form with a label and a picture box that when that show a pic of jerseys and then created 3 dropdownlist that would include nfl, basketball and soccer jerseys (college, pro and pro) my question is how do i make the jerseys aligned with the team. Say i want blue jerseys connected to wolverines, how do i go on about to do this.

Thanks for any adive and help....

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Re: how do i make sub categories

Posted 24 March 2013 - 09:44 PM

Your question is a bit too big for what we normally do here. We like to focus on one task at a time - else the thread gets quite huge and hard to follow. We also like to see an attempt at code - as we help fix error and share concepts rather than just write code for anyone who asks. We feel this enhances your learning. What part are you needing help with right now and what have you tried?
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Re: how do i make sub categories

Posted 26 March 2013 - 08:23 AM

_HAWK_'s advice (and subsequent question) should actually serve to help put you on the right path, too. You need to have your top-level design, user processes, etc, figured out before you start on a project. Where does the user enter? What flow will they follow to do certain tasks? Etc. Once you know how it's going to look though, you bite off small little pieces and begin to work on them. If you're new to this, each piece you start working on will probably reveal glaring holes in your design, but this is a good things, because you can't learn from successes the way you can from mistakes. Once you (think you) know how this is going to look, and are working on a piece of this, and gut stuck on that piece: come back, describe what your piece is doing (and give a little detail again about the whole), what problems your having, what you've done to try to make it work, and most importantly post the code that you're struggling with, and we'll help you as much as we can.
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