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[LINK] Are Desktops Going Extinct?

Posted 27 March 2013 - 08:09 AM

No. Of course not. Don't be silly. However, according to these guys, they are.


Even so, Cherry seemed to accept, like the other analysts, that Modern or Metro was inevitable, and that the desktop as the world knows it, is doomed.

I almost didn't link this. It's sensationalist, and it ignores the fact(s) that:
  • Microsoft isn't the only company that produces operating systems.
  • Microsoft has been running a leaky ship for decades.

When consumer interest gravitates towards Linux, Apple Macintosh, and the upcoming Google OS, Microsoft will repent their technological sins, or die at the hands of consumers. I remember when news outlets were saying that the desktop computer would be replaced by phones. It's rubbish.

Desktops fill a void that handheld devices will never fill. You can't type a dissertation on a Galaxy III. However, that niche target is getting smaller and smaller every year -- so this might be worth a read after all.

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Re: [LINK] Are Desktops Going Extinct?

Posted 27 March 2013 - 08:15 AM

Let's refrain from dipping too far into the sensationalist FUD articles. Thanks.
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