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non-volatile DIMMs hit the market

Posted 05 April 2013 - 07:11 AM

Has anyone heard about the new RAM coming out? DD3 + NAND flash to make for non-volitile memory!



The server world still waits for DDR4, the next generation of dynamic memory, to be ready for prime time. In the meantime, a new set of memory boards from Viking is looking to squeeze more performance out of servers not by providing faster memory, but by making it safer to keep more in memory and less on disk or SSD. Viking Technology has begun supplying dual in-line memory modules that combine DDR3 dynamic memory with NAND flash memory to create non-volatile RAM for servers and storage arrays—modules that don't lose their memory when the systems they're in lose power or shut down.

The setup:


plugs into standard DIMM memory slots in servers and RAID controller cards.
. The modules shipping now to a select group of server manufacturers have 4GB of dynamic RAM and 8GB of NAND memory. Modules with double those figures are planned for later in the year, and modules with 16GB of DRAM and 32GB of NAND are in the works for next year.
The ArxCis can be plugged into existing servers and RAID controllers today as a substitute for battery backed-up (BBU) memory modules. They are even equipped with batteries to power a last-gasp write to NAND memory in the event of a power outage

Who would benefit from this?


Viking's non-volatile DIMMs are primarily aimed at big in-memory computing tasks, such as high-speed in-memory transactional database systems and indices such as those used in search engines and other "hyper-scale" computing applications. Facebook's "Unicorn" search engine system, for example, keeps massive indices in memory to allow for real-time response to user queries, as does the "type-ahead" feature in Google's search.

Posted Image

This sounds like an interesting update, but I can't help feel a bit of nagging issues with the modification to security concerns. Even when a system powers off RAM still has enough charge to keep the memory alive for a bit under a minute.. Typical cold boot attack.. but when your RAM has a battery pack.. well.. this just got easier, right?

So something to keep an eye on.. It would be hilarious if RAM goes this route and only a small amount of volitile RAM is on the system specifically for security keys and other such things.

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Re: non-volatile DIMMs hit the market

Posted 16 April 2013 - 10:37 PM

Oh geeze, whatever you do, don't get the server stuck in a loop!
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