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ListView in ListView. Events do not fire...

Posted 08 April 2013 - 12:20 AM

Hi there Gurus!

I am stuck at one problem, i am not sure that is is solvable the way i am trying to solve it, so may be you could help me out here...

Here is the case: on my page i have a ListView and some controls in it. When user clicks on some control(LinkButton) then another ListView is loaded into selected row, this works fine. In this second ListView i also have some controls and when user clicks on some control in it, namely LinkButton, nothing happens. When i say 'nothing' i mean realy nothing(only PostBack): no selected index changed/changing, no OnItemCommand, not even onclick for the LinkButton. All these events are described in CodeBehind for this second ListView, all LinkButtons have CommandName, CommandArgument. Well, my opinion is that this second ListView controls should be accessible, so there is must be something i am missing.

Could my issue be related to the fact, that for ASP.NET my second ListView is actually counted as Virtual Collection to which i do not have access?
Or is it because the whole chain of events, starting from first ListView is being dropped on PostBack?

If you want any code just ask, i can provide you with it.

Thank you in advance,
C#Think# :)

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