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What does the output of my program mean?

Posted 27 April 2013 - 06:59 PM

I'm working on the Python version of this project here:

Concepts of Programming Project - BASIC Interpreter

So far I've manage to make my project without any errors, and I've got the project attached here on this post.

It's just that I need to understand what exactly the output is doing, what the Interpreter is doing. When I run the Interpreter class, located within the attached zip file, I get this output:

<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029536A0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953710>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953748>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953780>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029537B8>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953828>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953898>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029538D0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953908>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953940>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029539B0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953A20>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953A90>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953AC8>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953B00>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953B70>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953BE0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953C50>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953CC0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953CF8>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953D68>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953DD8>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953E48>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953EB8>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953F28>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953F60>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953FD0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959080>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029590B8>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002953588>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029590F0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959128>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959160>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959198>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959208>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959278>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029592B0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029592E8>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959320>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959390>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959400>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959470>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029594A8>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029594E0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959550>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029595C0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959630>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029596A0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029596D8>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959748>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029597B8>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959828>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959898>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959908>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959940>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x00000000029599B0>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959A20>
<Tokens.Token object at 0x0000000002959A58>

What exactly is this doing? If it's not doing what the project says it should do, what changes should I make to the program? Make sure you build this project inside Eclipse with the Python plugin first, or any other Python IDE that you use.

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Re: What does the output of my program mean?

Posted 27 April 2013 - 07:31 PM

This is a junior-level Compilers/Interpreters class and you can't be bothered to do a little debugging? We're a help forum, not a TA or professor responsible for grading your code. You tell us what specific problems or errors you are encountering, and our members will be happy to help. However, we aren't debugging your entire project to figure out if the output is correct or not. Make sure to narrow down where your problems are occurring as well, and post those sections of code using code tags.
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Re: What does the output of my program mean?

Posted 28 April 2013 - 02:52 AM

If you were expecting toString in Python to work like it's Java, you're mistaken. Link.
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