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Animated boy quits moving in frame 549

Posted 06 May 2013 - 09:18 AM

Yesterday afternoon. I finished working on a small project for class. I checked the movie several times last night to see if everything worked properly and it did. So, I uploaded my project to the website where we submit our projects. Today, in class, while presenting the movie 2 things happened.

1) On frame 549 my animated boy stops moving. From yesterday afternoon until this morning I did not touch the project so how this occurred is beyond me. If you expand the Boy folder you will see the very first Armature_1 and if you unlock this and click on his arm you will see that I used the bone tool to animate him. On frame 553 I have another movement that now looks to have moved back to the same place as 549 - originally it was not there. If you walk through frame by frame after this the bone tool moves but his arm does not align with it. This happens with each Armature except for his eyes. As I worked on him I made sure that all other layers were locked when I worked on each individual part of the boy.

2) On frame 504 the words "What is ADHD?" appear to be in chalk but when the movie plays this font disappears and is replaced by some other standard script. This, as well, did not occur last night only when I presented the movie this morning. When I click on the text in the properties window rather than stating "Text Tool" it states a blank box with the words "<Instance Name>" it in now. This was not how it was last night. I'm assuming this is why the chalk text is replaced by standard text.

My question is this, since the class is over and the project has already been graded, could someone please explain to me how to fix these errors. I actually am going to try and fix up the movie, add quite a bit more information to it, and keep it for my 9 year old son who has been diagnosed as having ADHD.

The movie is far too big to submit here so I will add a link the the project. It is the last project listed entitled "Final Semester Project". Any help would be greatly appreciated. And yes, although my project did not render properly in class my professor did give me a passing grade due to the fact that he could see I had added keyframes for the boys movements.

Here is the link: http://deptcis7.fvtc.edu/120466821/

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