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Hello There

Posted 15 May 2013 - 03:35 AM

I am new to this forums.I have visited this forums earlier,when i searched python and java tutorials in Google.Today(15.05.2013) i decided to sign up in a programmer forum,after some search in Google i found this website.
I am a half-newbie programmer.I know basics of programming and some OOP,but i don't have enough knowledge to program software on a programming language.
What i know:

1.Basics of programming(variables,basic data types,loops,conditionals and etc)
2.Some experience in Python,Java
3.Some HTML markup knowledge
4.Basic OOP(encapsulation,basic inheritance but no advanced inheritance(polymorphism),interfaces and etc.)

What i don't know:

1.Advanced programming techniques
2.Advanced OOP

I'm know learning python,c/c++.

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