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Just my little Intro

Posted 21 May 2013 - 01:40 AM

Hi my name is Arturo Ibarra; I'm from Peru. I speak Spanish, Spanglish, Sarcasm....uhmm I was kind of thrown into this world of cyberspace and programming from an early age because my dad; when I was little, built his own computer and I'm talking about the ancient ones that had the big floppy disks....he knew I would need it for school and so would he so he built it for me and him. That was the catalyst and then I found out that my cousin wanted to become an engineer and she got an internship at Intel where she is currently working. Also, technology is great! Although it can get a little ridiculous with what new inventions like Sony Ericcson that is water proof, but it has its moments when it simplifies life. At first I didn't know what area of Computer Science to go into since there are so many...my first class of a programming language was HTML and XHTML in high school....I loved the way you could write something on the screen and then a few steps and poof you had yourself a web page. Then in college I took my first C++ class which really blew my mind! So yeah that's me.

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