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I Need Advice For Social Web Technologies To Use; Very Confused?

Posted 04 June 2013 - 03:36 PM

So I'm creating a website which is essentially sort of my own content management system. I post news and articles and I allow others either logging in via their FACEBOOK accounts or logging in normally to be able to post articles that I approve. I coded this myself using PHP MYSQL HTML CSS Javascript Etc. etc..

On this site I also want a FORUM and potentially a CHAT ROOM and the ability to POST COMMENTS ON ARTICLES. These are the big three social features that I want implemented on my website next and below I will delve into my confusion with solutions.

It would be another huge project almost entirely to code my own forum and or chat room and I'm having mixed feelings about all the the potential solutions. As far as coding a comment system (I HAVE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED CODING MY OWN) as this isn't something that is horrifically complicated.

That said I don't have the time to obviously be able to code a comment system as good as DISQUS for example which is a partially FREE comment system that allows people to post using their facebook's google accounts etc.

It's an excellent solution to your comment problems except for one things. THE COMMENTS HAVE LITTLE TO KNOW SEO. What I mean by this is that all the extra content i.e. keywords etc. that you can pick up from comments are lost using this because this solution uses iframes which google either poorly picks up or many times doesn't get picked up at all.

Of course I could code my own comment system but then it's never going to be as good. On top of all that, I feel that every time you outsource a solution to another server (LIKE DISQUS) you are essentially playing a dangerous game of "will they stay alive"? If something happens to that company and they are gone tomorrow then it's likely your comments will be gone too. Do you see the conflict?

Now what about a forum? I already allow people to register for my article postings etc. if I choose something like PHPBB they will have to yet again REGISTER FOR ANOTHER ACCOUNT. I don't want to use PHPBB's session on ANY OTHER part of my site either. A partial remedy to this is of course something like VBulletin which allows you to connect with facebook now and better yet ALL OF THE CONTENT IS YOURS IN TERMS OF SEO.

VBulletin may be a decent solution to this problem but issues arise out of the fact it's expensive and still I would prefer to use my session for the rest of my site OR have something simple like a facebook login which leads me to fbulletin.

I've seriously considered fbulletin which is a facebook forum completely reliant on people connecting with their facebook accounts. It's hosted on another server that they have and used as a facebook App. The problem with using them as a solution is just the same with disqus. A. You get no SEO keywords from any content posted an B. You're relying on them an their servers and C. They need to have a facebook account.

Lastly what about a chat room? I've seen a lot of excellent chats that allow you to connect with facebook or google (which I would prefer) and they also allow web cam capabilities etc. Most of them want you to pay a MONTHLY FEE. I would maybe be willing to pay a one time fee but I'm not paying some big monthly bill for this.

What solutions to common problems like these have you guys come up with? What do you use? What does your company use? What advice do you have for me related to these problems?

Thank you guys so much

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Replies To: I Need Advice For Social Web Technologies To Use; Very Confused?

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Re: I Need Advice For Social Web Technologies To Use; Very Confused?

Posted 06 June 2013 - 12:56 PM

wow.... ummm....

You don't need to code your own chat room. There are plenty of freebies out there that embed in your pages and are SEO friendly - or have the option of an API to use (userplane).

You could use one of those for the time being, if you wanted to just slap one in and be done with it until you can do your own.

Your comment systems are easy to use, and again, there are free APIs out there to use with FB, Twitter, etc. that can help you.

If you want free forums to slap in your site, PHPBBis pretty cool, and you can get lots of themes for your forums - many of which are (again) free.

And with the SEO, stuff, you can add the Google script at the bottom of each page to help search engines follow.

Just a thought.

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