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What platform/Language should I use for a Dart Arcade

Posted 04 June 2013 - 07:40 PM

Hey Guys,

I'm looking for suggestions for platforms/languages to write a Dart Arcade replacement application. Basically, my plan is to take apart an electronic dartboard and plug into computer via USB. I'm leaning towards using an Arduino for the USB out to a computer that will manage games. I have not done the research to see what it would take to accomplish this with a Raspberry Pi and possibly have this wireless with the PI managing the game. The reason I'm leading towards Arduino is because I'm not that familiar with Linux and I have a background in WinForms. Again this isn't set in stone and I'm willing to learn something new.

While I'm sitting around waiting for the components and knowhow to interface the electronic dartboard and computer I'd like to set up a manual scoring system prototype. I'd like to be able to enter in names, select games, have a UI slightly better than the Arachnid 2 Arcade boards you see in bars. I'm not sure which language/stack/platform I should start this in and I'm open for all ideas.

Minimum Requirements
Multiple Players (expandable for bots)
User Selects where they hit on board via mouse (pixel location identifies value, (already coded but can be redone in another language)
User Login (for Stats) - Authentication
Game menu
Decent display for various games.
Extensive stat keeping for players along with screen displayed reports on the stats.
Data is persisted.

Allow touch screen support
Allow wireless communication to dart management system on phone/tablet/laptop.

My background is in Windows Forms programming. I don't think the UI would be very nice in WinForms. I'm leaning towards WPF, but I am definitely open to trying new technology if its advantageous.

I didn't post this in the game forum, because I don't think a Dart Arcade Clone fits in the category of today's gaming frameworks.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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