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VPN Connectivity Issue - I'm baffled

Posted 18 June 2013 - 12:49 PM

So let me start off by saying I am a true novice in this area, but I'm baffled by this issue and wanted to see if anyone has any ideas.

I have a home office and typically initiate a VPN connection on my work laptop so that I can get into our SQL server. Up until last week, I was able to get online (wifi), go through the authentication (using FortiClient) and then go about my business as usual. I'm now sitting here typing this on the exact same wifi connection as just a few days ago (so, I'm online)--I've got excellent signal strength, ran a speed test and saw no issues, etc. etc., but I cannot VPN in. As soon as I plug my laptop into my cable modem, the issue goes away. I can also tether my droid (hardline connection, not wifi) to my laptop and VPN in this way.

What's even stranger is, I'm a contractor for another company and have an additional laptop through them. They have a different VPN client, but using their laptop I can still VPN into their network on my wireless connection.

So: Hardline connection on work laptop? VPN fine.
Tethered connection on work laptop? VPN fine.
Wifi connection on contractor laptop? VPN fine.
Wifi connection on work laptop? SNAFU.

Any thoughts on what could possibly be causing this? My initial thought was the wireless router--but then why am I getting a great signal and able to connect on my contractor laptop? Then I thought it was the wireless card on my work laptop...but again, speed test / etc. shows no issue.

As the pirate said when he walked into a bar with a ship-captain's wheel dangling between his knees..."This is driving me nuts!"

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Replies To: VPN Connectivity Issue - I'm baffled

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Re: VPN Connectivity Issue - I'm baffled

Posted 18 June 2013 - 01:57 PM

What sort of wifi protection do you have one? It is possible the company having the issue updated a security policy on their VPN to not allow unsecured wifi access or something along those lines.

Then again you can uninsall/reinstall their VPN software. Maybe something got borked by a quark.

How about your PPTP? Anything hinky there?

Default gateway info okay when you are hooking into the VPN?
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