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Comparing SQL Date with .Net DateTime in DataTable Select

Posted 22 July 2013 - 07:40 PM

I'm trying to use DataTable's Select method to return rows. The expression compares my DataTable's "date" column with a DateTime retrieved from a DateTimePicker.

The problem I'm getting is that the DateTime from the Picker contains the time as well as date.

I get a SyntaxErrorException; Syntax error: Missing operand after '12' operator.

The '12' is the hour.

 DataTable appointmentViewTable = this.brandpk2_UptownLashesDataSet2.Tables["Appointments_View"];
            DataTable filteredAppointmentViewTable = new DataTable();
            DataRow[] returnedRows = null;

            string dateExpression = string.Format("date < {0}", this.dateTimePickerFromDate.Value.Date);

            returnedRows = appointmentViewTable.Select(dateExpression );

            foreach (DataRow row in returnedRows)

            this.dataGridViewAppointmentsView.DataSource = null;
            this.dataGridViewAppointmentsView.DataSource = filteredAppointmentViewTable;

DateTime.Date still yields a time result of 12:00:00:00 after the date...

How do I get around this?


I was looking at my DataTable and it looks like the 'Date' column's data type is System.DateTime....So I have no idea why I'm getting the exception...


I was missing single quotes around my DateTime value....

Should have been like this: "Date < '{0}'".

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