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Portfolio Options

Posted 01 August 2013 - 12:19 AM

Hello everyone, I come to you with one thing on my mind: My future career as a software developer.
Now here's the plan:

- Self learn 2-4 development languages (Somewhat done, need improvement)
- Complete my college software development program (2 Years)
- Get a job as a software developer

It's pretty basic.

My only concern is that I need a portfolio, and currently have nothing that I could display to future employers, during interviews.

So what I am thinking, is that I should start one now. I imagine 8-12 major/semi-major projects should be sufficient, however, my problem is that I can't think of anything to code. Everytime I get the motivation to code, I think to myself "This is going to take a long time, it's not worth it...", ESPECIALLY when I get stuck on something, all the motivation goes right out the window, and I am left with nothing to show in the end, regardless of how much I learn.

What I would like, is for some members to maybe suggest some options for basic projects which have potential to be improved to the point where they can be deemed impressive. I am not a professional yet, I will get there one day, but I need to start a portfolio now, so I need to actually be able to finish a few projects without getting stumped and giving up. What I would like to do is something that is ideally "useful" to some people, on a daily basis. For example, I regularly use a screenshot tool known as lightshot. I use it everyday. Thousands of other people use it everyday. It's just one of those useful things out there which everyone loves.

I want to do a few projects that can be accepted as "Original" or "Unique", but then I look at the industry and I see that there isn't much more room for "Unique", it seems as if everything has been done by somebody already. You have social media, communications, file storage tools, video games, etc etc... It seems everyone just re-invents the wheel these days, and it doesn't give a guy like me a chance to really get my product deemed as unique, when I am incapable of making "Improvements" that developers which have been in the industry for many many years do to projects that already exist, to make them better.

So once again, I need to be able to write something that is:
- Useful
- Unique
- Impressive
- Easy enough to program at an intermediate level

I have studied Java the most, of all the languages which I've used, however, I am thinking of soon taking a turn to javascript, and learning some web development, as I've noticed that Javascript, Java, and C# are the 3 featured languages within my upcoming college course.

So project ideas that are easily capable with all 3 technologies would be nice, if you guys do not mind.
Keep in mind that I am no expert, and I'd also like to stay away from video games as much as possible, as I am not very creative when it comes to visual graphics, which often tend to be a big hassle for me currently.

Thanks guys!

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Re: Portfolio Options

Posted 01 August 2013 - 01:09 AM

For your first project, concentrate on actually finishing it first. Reinventing the wheel and finishing it is a lot better than attempting something impressive and unique that never works properly.

Choose an easy project and brainstorm all the features it could include. Take a highlighter pen and highlight the core functionality. For a screen capture program, this core functionality could be:

1. Capture the screen.
2. Write the image to file.

In Java, you could write that in a handful of lines. Then you can think of adding more features.

Does something about the screen capture program bug you? Why not implement the core functionality and see if you can design a better interface. One word of caution, Java is not good at capturing keystrokes outside Java windows. This could be a deal breaker for implementing this particular project in Java.
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Re: Portfolio Options

Posted 01 August 2013 - 03:44 AM

It is in the "Pinned topics" of this forum


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