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Side projects that are resume worthy (besides mockups)?

Posted 01 August 2013 - 05:20 PM

Pretty much, I have little to no mockup side projects to market my experience, but I have been helping a friend put together his portfolio website. Is this something that is resume/interview mentioning worthy? Web dev is the field I am trying to get my foot in the door into, but I am more so delving into the back-end stuff (SQL, Javascript, etc).
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Replies To: Side projects that are resume worthy (besides mockups)?

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Re: Side projects that are resume worthy (besides mockups)?

Posted 01 August 2013 - 07:45 PM

It depends what you're doing really. If it's too easy I wouldn't recommend this because they'll think "Wow, this guy thinks we care about his 100 lines of HTML?" but if it's pretty in depth you can show it off. Building a portfolio is kind of like building a resume (in regards to work experience). For example, in the beginning you might only list the time you worked at the fast food place, restaurant, and lawn mowing business but as you grow you may replace that with your IT, web dev, and database management experience. Just start somewhere that is at least a little relevant and build it from there.

Also, don't think that something isn't relevant because it's not directly related to what you're doing. So even if you're only doing front end stuff for your friend it may still be worth noting. When I was interviewing for my current position (Software Engineer) they told me one of the things that made me a really attractive candidate is when I sold technology products for Staples during college. They said it showed I had social skills that are very beneficial when dealing with clients.

It will be good to show that you can do front end. It can be difficult to find back end guys that know front end (and vice versa).
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