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How to do cartesian plane

Posted 11 August 2013 - 08:07 AM

Hi, I just would like to ask how to do a cartesian plane in vb6. I really don't have any idea even how to start it.
My problem actually is to make a program for the closest pair algorithm. I already made the part of the program where I calculate for the closest pair. What I don't know is how to plot it. I need to show it in the cartesian plane.

Is there anyone who know how?
Can you give an example? Even a simple one, I can take it from there. I'll just study it.

Thanks.. :helpsmilie:

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Re: How to do cartesian plane

Posted 11 August 2013 - 08:45 AM

To quote from maj3091 in this thread:


I'm not that familiar with the MSChart control, but with a couple of minutes playing this morning, I was able to configure the control to display a cartesian coordinate system for a XY scatter graph.

If you add a Chart Control to a form and set the chart type to "16-2dXY" and then select the Custom button from the properties, you will see a tabbed form. Select the Axis tab. In there you can select the X and Y axis separately. In the Axis Scaling panel, if you uncheck the "Automatic Scaling" option, you can define your own Min and Max limits of the chart. If you put in MIN values less than 0 for both x and y axis, your cartesian plane can be seen.

I would assume that plotting data to the graph is the same as for the other example I post in the previous post.

You might have a look through the Tutorials section as well; click the Tutorials link at the top of this page. Or.. Googling.
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