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Posted 06 September 2013 - 03:15 PM

the repe cmpsb is confusing me a bit. i know very well that repe cmpsb will compare string bytewise until equal or cx=0 .. BUT when i try to confirm this with a simple program, no matter whether the strings are equal or not, i always get a mismatch.
can anyone please guide me and explain what i am doing wrong.. would be a great help :)

"i am comparing two strings v1 & v2 both having the string 'apple', the answer however results in mismatch" Here is the code
    .model small
       mese    db "match!","$"
       mesne   db "mismatch!","$"
       v1 db "apple","$"
       v2 db "apple","$"
    main proc
    mov ax,@data
    mov ds,ax   
    mov si,offset v1
    mov di,offset v2
    mov cx,5
    repe cmpsb
    je equal
    mov dx,offset mesne
    jmp print
    mov dx,offset mese
    mov ah,09h
    int 21h 
    mov ah,4ch
    int 21h
    main endp
    end main

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