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New and ambitious!

Posted 16 September 2013 - 03:35 AM

Hey there!

My name is Peter and I'm the type of guy that's interested in everything.
I know a little bit of programming and webdevelopment, but I'd like to expand my knowledge.

I work at a company were I'm in charge of smoothing everyting out.
Things I've done so far include; putting up all our mail data, document data en communications in a cloud environment.
But there's more to be done.

I'd like to design a platform from were we can acces everything we use, wich is now smeared allover the place.
Some stuff is installed on the computer, other stuff is internet based.
I'd like to bundle this into one workspace.
I want to integrate webpages into it (but only selected ones, so no browsing), storing login information for websites and programs so the system automatically log's in when booted, some other programs should be integrated aswell.

Basically; 1 Environment were you need to login into your own account, and you can acces everything without constantly have to login on every single webpage/ program (you have to this in the settings once).

I allready designed the layout for it, so you'll get the idea.
I'll upload it later today, since it doesnt like doing anything atm.

I dont want to ask what I have to do to get this done, I'd like to find out myself.
But I do could use a little push in the right direction.
So the question I'm asking:

What I want, is it possible? And which type of programming should I use.

That's basically it.
I'm just learning and this is a personal project which I hope will turn out positive, and if so I'm up for app designing!


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Re: New and ambitious!

Posted 16 September 2013 - 08:39 AM


What I want, is it possible?

Single sign on? Yes.. that is possible.


And which type of programming should I use.

That is near impossible to say because it depends on the apps, sites, OS, credentials, etc you want to tie together.
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