Feedback on my website

My newly created business website

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Feedback on my website

Posted 10 September 2007 - 06:59 AM

I wanted to ask everyone to try out my website and give me any feedback at all. Security, graphics issues, anything :)
it's located on and also available in english! ^^
I created a test account under:
username: test
password: test
so you can also check the user interface.

Thanks a lot,

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Re: Feedback on my website

Posted 10 September 2007 - 09:36 AM

Many Issues:

When you choose modem or cable, there is no way to get back to that choice

Home for Modem:

The menu is WAY TO BIG.

Graphics: you can see the corners on the rounded edges
the border on the black part train wrecks into the border on the white part

Text: Try something sans serif like Ariel or Verdana (for every page), Times is just a big no no, and the text color doesn't contrast on the black, make it white

INside Pages for modem:

On every page the logo is to saturated. Try taking the color down to where the logo is just 10 or 20 percent lighter than the background, right now it is very distracting and makes the text un-readable.

There is no way to get back to the main screen with the login

Tarifs link:

The red border is way to distracting and again you can't read the text, so I would put a background behind the pic and the text, perferably white with a transparancy of 30 or 40 percent, and padding of at least 9px all the way around each pic/text group. I see you are using javascript so I don't really know the capabilities you have there. Also when it mouses over make the bg i just mentioned change colors.

I would do the same on the portfolio link

The webmaster logo is a bit too big and the text it to tight up against it.
The contact form needs background, take a look at this article:

User Interface:
this headline "Espace Client" and the background behind it do not make sense, maybe move it down to the black area.

The buttons are over done the inner shadow is awkward

The Cable page:

*sigh* OK I am sorry here we go...the red/blue/green/orange borders need to go, a 1px black line around them will work

the inner shadow on the white block in the middle needs to go.

User Name and Password need to be spelled out. put the boxes below the text, the log in doesn't work and needs a submit button

The picture quality is bad accept on the cellphone, and especially on the money

Inside Pages:

Again the text is hard to read because of the background, wash it out more, and use sans serif fonts or just put a background behind all of the elements on the pages

A 1px border around the entire thing, on every page would be better

The color scheme is bad, I am sorry, but it just is bad

maybe this site can give you some inspiration:
anyone knows of any good articles discussing color please post

That's about it, the layout is very creative, I always like to see new ideas, but it still needs a lot of work
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Re: Feedback on my website

Posted 10 September 2007 - 10:32 AM

first of all,
thank you very much for your feedback, I don't think many people take as much time trying to help me "upgrade" my performance.
The log-in does work, only you have to click on the "log-in" picture, "enter" doesn't work :P

The text is an issue I had some more feedback about, I guess I'll change it.
A back button is missing, didn't even realise that before :)

About the colors though, It's the only part I cannot completely agree with. The whole design is based upon it and I think it creates something original compared to what we already have out there on the web.

Any more opinions?
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