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Is there anyway to improve my programs?

Posted 25 September 2013 - 07:30 PM

Hi, I just started IB Computer Science this year in school, and we are using RAPTOR as an intro to coding, and I was wondering if there is anything I've done wrong on this program? Here is the problem I am solving:

TroyMartian has at least 3 antenna and at most 4 eyes
VladSaturnian has at most 6 antenna and at least 2 eyes
GraemeMercurian has at most 2 antenna and at most 3 eyes

Input Specification:
The user will be prompted to enter two numbers. First, the number of antenna, and then the number of eyes

Output Specification:
The output will have a list of possible aliens, if there is no possible alien there will be no output.

Not looking for answers, just whether my program is correct and if not, a suggestion for a step in the right direction.

The forum won't allow me to attach a .rap file so here is a mediafire link: http://www.mediafire...q8t0ss83wbaei5w
Don't download if you don't feel safe, but it is all I could think of for adding the file.

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Re: Is there anyway to improve my programs?

Posted 07 October 2013 - 01:13 AM

Your questions won't get much attention that way. Instead of trying to attach the file, just paste it into your reply, as plain text.

Then highlight the code, and click on the :code: icon in the center of the editor header bar.

That will preserve the indentation and also give it some color (depending on the language), as well as a good font to study code with.
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