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Translation error

Posted 25 September 2013 - 07:55 PM

Hey guys,

So I'm pretty good in Java, but right now I'm learning Perl and when I apply Java logic I get so many error such as right now I'm trying to write a poll program so users would vote their favorite nominee. Any way here's the code:

#use Modern::Perl;
use strict;
use warnings;

my @lead_actress_in_drama_series = (
	"Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series",
	"Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel",
	"Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey",
	"Claire Danes, Homeland",
	"Robin Wright, House of Cards",
	"Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men",
	"Connie Britton, Nashville",
	"Kerry Washington, Scandal",
	"Write In"

my @choices;

print "Welcome to the 65th Primetie Emmy Awards! \n\n";
"============================================================================== \n\n";
print "The nominees for $lead_actress_in_drama_series[0] are: \n\n";

my (
	$temp,    $ch_f_dr, $ch_m_dr, $ch_dr, $ch_f_fu,
	$ch_m_fu, $ch_fu,   $ch_ho,   $ch_ot

for ( my $x = 1 ; $x <= $#lead_actress_in_drama_series ; $x++ ) {
	print "[$x] $lead_actress_in_drama_series[$x] \n";
	$temp = $x;

print "\n\nPlease enter your choice for $lead_actress_in_drama_series[0] now: ";
$ch_f_dr = <>;
chomp $ch_f_dr;

if ($ch_f_dr == (1..($temp-1))) {#check if the user input is in one of the offered options
		  print "Thank you for selecting $lead_actress_in_drama_series[$ch_f_dr] as $lead_actress_in_drama_series[0].\n\n";
		  push( @choices, $lead_actress_in_drama_series[$ch_f_dr] );
	} elsif ( $ch_f_dr == $temp ) {#check if the user want to enter their own entry
		print "Please enter your write-in candidate: ";
		$temp = <>;
		chomp $temp;
		print "Thank you for selecting $temp as $lead_actress_in_drama_series[0].\n\n";
		push( @choices, $temp );#place the enty in a new 
	else {
		while ($ch_f_dr != (1..$temp )) {
			print "Stars loop\n\n";
			print "I'm sorry, but $ch_f_dr is not a valid option. \n";
 			print "Please enter your choice for $lead_actress_in_drama_series[0]  now: ";
			$ch_f_dr = <>;
			chomp $ch_f_dr;
			print "Ends loop \n";

#print the array to check entries. 
	for (@choices) {
		print "\n";

I don't understand why my code will just go to the while loop with out checking first the number rang? or check the last element?

Please help.

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Re: Translation error

Posted 26 September 2013 - 02:08 AM

In Perl, comparisons (and many other things) are all about context. When doing a comparison, the context is determined by the value to the left of the operator. Because of this, the comparisons in the lines
if ($ch_f_dr == (1 .. ($temp - 1)))
while ($ch_f_dr != (1 .. $temp)) {

are evaluated in scalar context. $ch_f_dr is on the left of the comparison and it's a scalar, so it imposes scalar context on the comparison.

So you're making a comparison in scalar context between a scalar and a list. When a list is evaluated in scalar context, its scalar value is the last item in the list. Therefore, those two lines are equivalent to
if ($ch_f_dr == $temp - 1)
while ($ch_f_dr != $temp) {

To achieve the results you want, you can either use the grep function:
if (grep /^$ch_f_dr$/, (1 .. ($temp - 1)))
while (!grep /^$ch_f_dr$/, (1 .. $temp)) {

or do it the old-fashioned way:
if ($ch_f_dr >= 1 && $ch_f_dr < $temp)
while ($ch_f_dr < 1 || $ch_f_dr >= $temp) {

(I see in your earlier question that you had at one point tried using the smart match operator (~~) to do this check for set membership, but recent versions of perl have rolled smart match back to "experimental" status and will issue warnings if you use it, so I would advise avoiding smart match until the issues surrounding it are worked out.)

As a side note, it drives me crazy whenever I see an unnecessary C-style for ( ; ; ) loop in Perl code. Try replacing your first loop with this instead:
for my $x (1 .. $#lead_actress_in_drama_series) {
  print "[$x] $lead_actress_in_drama_series[$x] \n";
$temp = $#lead_actress_in_drama_series;

or even:
$temp = $#lead_actress_in_drama_series;
print "[$_] $lead_actress_in_drama_series[$_] \n" for 1 .. $temp;

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