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Posted 25 October 2013 - 10:19 AM

Hey guys! so i have a review for an online class that i can take as many times as i want. There are 50 questions on various things mostly HTML. However, there are 14 questions that i am just unsure of. So if anyone can help me i literally typed them up here so let me know if you guys know any of these. I only have one chance to take the exam and i want to make sure i at least have all my review questions correct. Thanks guys! :o

1. the name of the control below is_______
<font size=“2”>Text Color:</font><br>
<select name=“TextColor”>

1.Text Color
2. TextColor
3. 2
4. select name

2. The correct code for the horizontal rule with a width set at 50% is____

1. <hrule style=“width:50%”/>
2. <hr style=“width:50%”/>
3. <hrule style=“w:50%”/>
4. <hr style=“w:50%”/>

3. The code below add an onclick______

<input type=“button” value=“Apply Style”

1. attribute
2. behavior
3. style
4. event

5. reffering to the code beloew, the file that will load in the frame named LeftFrame is______.

<framset cols=”20%”>
<frame name=”LeftFrame” src=”left1.html”>
<frame name=”RightFrame” src=”right1.html”>

6. an elements _____ functions much the same as a tags name attribute.

1. sequence
2. code
3. keyword
4. id

7. The correct code to add hyperlink tags to an unordered list of headings is <li><___=”javascript:top.locate(‘pictures’)>Perfect Pictures</a></li>

1. a link
2. a href
3. a jump
4. a name

8. after reviewing the code, it is determined that the web page contains a ______
style definition.

<title>HTML and Javascript</title>
<style type=”text/css”>
p {color:black}

1. classy
2. cascading
3. computer
4. client

9. If you have a Javascript event that occurs in one fram and the effect of the event is only seen within the same frame, then your javascript code should reside ______.

1. in the same frame name
2. in a separate frame file
3. in a separate file that has nothing to do with the fram
4. any of the above

10. the correct code to implement a background color on a page, with the color given in a hexadecimal number would be _____.

1. <body style=”background-color:#E6E6FA”>
2. <body style=”background:#E6E6FA”>
3. <body style=”background-color:#E6”>
4. <body style=”background-color:#E6E6”>

11. When assigning an id to an HTML element, there is a corresponding Javascript method called ______ that must be invoked for your javascript code to access it by id.

1. getElementByclass()
2. getElementByCode()
3. getElementByName()
4. getElementByID()

12. the correct code to establish a drop-down selection for cell color is____
<font size=”2”>Cell Color:</font><br>
<select name=”CellColor”>
<option value”black”>Black</option>
<option value”red”>Red</option>
<option value”green”>Green</option>
<option value”blue”>Blue</option>
<option value”white”>White</option>

1. <select value=””> - select - </select>
2. <option name=””> - select - </option>
3. <select value=””> - option- </select>
4. <option value=””> - select - </option>

13. If a javascript event occurs in one fram and affects an object or element in a different frame. The code can often be kept to its simplest form if it is defined in the ____ frameset file.

1. bottom-level
2. top-level
3. key
4. first

14. the code below _______:
<framset cols=”20%,*”>
<frame name=”LeftFrame” src=”left1.html”>
<frame name=”RightFrame” src=”right1.html”>

1. defines a simple frameset
2. contains two vertical frames
3. both a. and b.
4. neither a. nor b.

Thanks so much for taking your time to read these guys. Really i appreciate your help!

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 10:30 AM

Why don't you start with what you think they are, & ask actual, detailed questions.

Rather than "Answer this shit for me"

** Topic closed based on structure **

Feel free to pm with any questions.
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