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Looking for development process for mobile app server

Posted 14 November 2013 - 10:25 AM

I've searched high and low for information and forum topics concerning hosting and the development of the back-end/database for a mobile app. Everyone has their own opinion, to be sure, but I have yet to find a full description of all the steps/technologies required for this task.

I have used AWS EC2 server development before and I have seen GAE and Heroku mentioned quite a bit. However, there seem to be so many different ways of going about hosting and serving a mobile app, so I have a hard time piecing together which technologies go with what development path.

I have developed iOS apps that run locally and with a Baas provider (StackMob for example). However, I would like to set up my own system.
I also think it is worth noting that I have never set up my own dynamic website (only a static one with AWS).

So, assuming that myself and any other user who needs this topic answered is proficient in Obj-C (this is not an iOS tutorial), what are the steps that you suggest taking for setting up the database and back-end for a mobile app? A full development process, step-by-step, with suggestions for technologies at each step would be extremely helpful.

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Re: Looking for development process for mobile app server

Posted 14 November 2013 - 10:47 AM

I can't answer your question with specific regards to iOS, but I can from the Android perspective, and it is basically the same idea. I have used AWS and Google App Engine to actually have server hosting, and on both I have used predominately Python (but I have done PHP servers too). What the basic process is to design a web server as if you had a front end of the website in mind (so develop your models that represent the data, your views which handle and respond to HTTP Requests, and your URL delegation.

In general, I design a server that uses RESTful queries and API key validation to interact with the models. This allows your app to make web requests and basically send/receive XML or JSON data.

Thus, on the server side, you have REST that is reading and handling the data, and then validating it, formulating a response, and database actions. The iOS side should then be able to parse the response and display that interactively with the user.

For the server, I'd look into one of many server-side languages (I recommend Python, just because it's easy, and on Google App Engine, it's really fast) and look into libraries that expose usable REST features and security features.

Hope it helped! Best of luck.
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