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using fd's to get to BCNF

Posted 23 November 2013 - 09:32 AM

Hi guys I am the early stage of trying to grasp the concept of normalization. I have table that I am trying to create into BCNF any pointers will be appreciated. I will put the FD's in code and what I think is 1NF but be warned (I could be well off)
CustNo -> CustBal, CustDiscount
OrdNo ->CustNo, ShipAddr, OrderDate
ItemNo ->ItemDesc
ItemNo, PlantNo  ->  ReorderPoint, QtyOnHand
OrdNo, ItemNo ->  LineNo, QtyOrdered, QtyOutstanding
OrdNo, LineNo ->  ItemNo, QtyOrdered, QtyOutstanding

1NF Customer order(CustNo, CustBal, CustDiscount, OrdNo, ShipAddr, OrderDate, ItemNo, ItemDesc, PlantNo , ReorderPoint, QtyOnHand, LineNo, QtyOrdered , QtyOutstanding)

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