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Final Year Project Ideas

Posted 13 December 2013 - 07:32 AM

This is the first time i'm posting here
I'm doing my bachelors in C.S and currently I'm in my second year. I realize I've a lot of time to think about my FYP. But I want to start gathering ideas about it so that when the time comes I'll be pretty sure about the topic that I'm going to work on. I also play the guitar so I was thinking of doing something related to music. Two ideas that I had in mind include:
1. Building a program that takes a MIDI file of a passage of music for guitar as input and outputs tablature that correctly describes how the passage should be played.
2. A program that imitates the sounds of different guitar effect pedals (distortion, delay etc).

If anyone can give some more ideas related to music and guitar then that would be great. Currently I can program in Java,C++. I have basic knowledge about Android development

What would I need to make such programs. I've got no clear idea where to start. Plus the pre-reqs required for it. Suppose I make the first program that converts the sound into musical notation. Where would I start?

Is it really difficult to make a program like JamUp that creates a virtual multi effect processor?. Where would I start for this also?

I realize I may not have the enough skills needed for the needed project now, but I just want to gather ideas about what is possible and what can be done.

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Re: Final Year Project Ideas

Posted 13 December 2013 - 12:54 PM

Martyr put together a huge list of projects a while back that may be of use. There is even a graphics/ multimedia section which may be of interest to you.
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Re: Final Year Project Ideas

Posted 13 December 2013 - 04:56 PM

Hi Hamza,

I agree you have a lot of time a head of you to think about your FYP. But its good to start thinking early. Well for my bachelors (Computer engineering) project a couple of years ago I did an Arabic speech recognition system. But I did it using MATLAB (Computer engineering students had the flexibility to use any language).

Well, you stated that you play guitar which tells me that you are somewhat into music. I would suggest for your FYP a musical instrument recognition system. Basically, the system would recognize what kind musical instrument was used when an instrument sound is played to the system.

For example, if you play a guitar note to the system (via the computer microphone) the system will interactively tell the user that the sound is from a guitar. It will also do the same for other instruments such as violin, piano, saxophone etc.

In this type of project (from my own experience) you would enhance/apply what you've learned in courses such as machine learning or A.I. and of course your programming skills. You would also gain some knowledge related to signal processing.

Well basically thats it, just some of my suggestion and sharing of experience.
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