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How to keep track of who has payed with paypal

Posted 22 December 2013 - 05:31 PM

Hello ive intergrated paypal pay now buttons into my mowing website which implements online orders through paypal but im confused as to how im going to track which customer has and hasnt payed?

can anyone with experience on this matter please give some advice, complete newbie here looking for any advice, thanks for reading and helping :)

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Re: How to keep track of who has payed with paypal

Posted 31 December 2013 - 12:12 PM

When someone clicks your button, your website will contact paypal and receive a token (All communication from that point on will use the token). You then direct the user to paypal's site to pay. The user logs in, pays and is returned to your site using a return URL you specified when redirecting to paypal. This URL is often the "confirmation" page of your checkout process. If the user successfully paid, the returned data to your confirmation page is going to contain details about the buyer. At this point you can stash it in a database as "pending". Then the last bit is to wait for the user to confirm the order. If they do, you pass along the last call to paypal which processes the transaction and returns an acknowledgement that reads "ack=success". If you see that, you can then go back to the user in the database and mark them as "completed".

I encourage you to check out the following paypal page which describes this interaction, has a graphic to show you the steps and explains each step.


Pay special attention to the section titled "Testing an Express Checkout Integration". This outlines the whole process quickly and with that knowledge you can start understanding the rest of that page.

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