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What Is The Best Popular Cross-Platform Mobile Libraries For Me?

Posted 26 December 2013 - 04:35 PM

So I'm more familiar with C# Java languages but I don't mind C C++ and I'm decent with online languages like Javascript/JQuery PHP etc.

I've not gotten into mobile development yet but I would like to. I have a few questions related to this. First what are the most popular libraries for development in terms of cross platform?

In terms of mobile development are there any good libraries (that are widely used) that use C#? I've heard of xamarin tools as being a good cross-platform library for development on mobile devices.

One of the things I'm not sure about with a lot of these libraries is are the parts needed for the library to work INCLUDED in apps you download for certain libraries? For example you can use the QT framework for computers and include the DLL's even if the user doesn't have anything to do with QT on their computer?

Or do some of these libraries (like Java) require that the user have the framework or interpreter installed? I would also prefer that the library DIDN'T COST ANYTHING, though this isn't a 100% must in terms of a development library choice. Please fill me in on details thanks guys? What's popular and what do you use?

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