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Should I use framework for my browser-game?

Posted 12 January 2014 - 12:26 PM

Simple question: Should I use framework for my browser-game?

I have writen, all my idea. Got database ready, and now I should start coding, but I thought about, that maybe it will be good time to learn Yii. I was trying to find some information if using framework for browser-game.

Of course I am aware that it will be more time consuming (because I will be learning Yii), but I think it will keep my code in better shape. So what's your opinion?

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Re: Should I use framework for my browser-game?

Posted 12 January 2014 - 01:24 PM

Well the goal of frameworks is to speed up development, but also remember that if they don't fit exactly right with your project they may even slow you down as you struggle to get them doing what you want to do. As far as Yii, no where on their site do they exactly say it is for game development. Just "applications" so you may or may not find it getting in your way at times.

But should you code everything yourself? No, no use reinventing the wheel if you can help it. The ultimate choice is with you and the goals behind your game. Games can get to be pretty big in scope and a framework would help but only you will know if it works out for you. I would try taking a couple days to play around with Yii itself. Do some demos with it, try it out (not on your game). See if it makes sense. You want to avoid going down the road too far with it only to find out that you are struggling against it all the time.

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