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Odd cache issue

Posted 15 January 2014 - 08:39 AM

Okay, I've seen lots of weird stuff before but what I started running into yesterday afternoon is a new one for me. Here's what's happening:

I'm in the midst of writing a page that will execute as a scheduled task (goes to a database, grabs items that need to be executed at certain times). I start with a simple query that dumps the resulting recordset to the page (to make sure I'm getting what I need). I didn't get the query quite right so I make a change, FTP it over to the server and refresh my browser (I was using FF at the time) to see the change...only it didn't change. I check the FTP version of the file and my new code is there but having the server resend a new request for the page results in no change in my browser. Flush the cache in my browser, no joy. Go into the server settings for my application server (in this case, OpenBD, a CFML engine) and set the file cache to 0 files, no change in my browser. I called the hosting provider, they can't see the behavior but I can (their browser shows the new code). Oddly enough, while F5 isn't delivering me a new page, Crtl-F5 does. But here's where it gets weirder:

I open up Chrome and call the page. I get a new page that is different from the FF version...but then that Chrome page gets stuck (I've got a current date/time stamp dump on the page now). Each refresh should be a totally new datetime value...except it's not. Ctrl-F5 works to bring in a new one but if I click just F5 after that I get the first version of that page. This behavior is present in IE and Lunascape as well. At this point, I'm now wondering if there's some setting in the OS that overrides cache settings in browsers but that sounds bizarre.

As an aside, I have a second machine here and have zero issues with browsers on that machine delivering fresh copies of the page. This appears to be solely confined to this one laptop (my development laptop naturally).

Has anyone seen or even heard of anything like this? I can continue to work as long as Ctrl-F5 does...but this is an enormous pain in the ass. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

As an aside, the page does contain all the standard HTML meta tags to prevent caching...they're ignored.

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Re: Odd cache issue

Posted 15 January 2014 - 09:57 AM

As far as I know, keying Ctrl+F5 makes browser cache to refresh which is not the case with F5 pushed alone. This is a well known fact. Sometimes may be needed a couple or more refreshes for browser to refresh due to an overloaded pc for instance but not limited to this alone.
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