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Posted 16 January 2014 - 04:09 AM

Hey, have you guys heard of the Chrome extension Vimium? Basically gives you some vim-like hotkeys to navigate webpages. Supposed to be a lot faster and keyboard+mouse. Apparently there are FireFox versions as well. I'd suggest giving it a try if you haven't. And if you have - how did it go?

Here's the link to Vimium: https://chrome.googl...epiihcmeb?hl=en

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Re: Vimium

Posted 16 January 2014 - 04:22 AM

I've seen this extension before, I was admittedly a tad worried about how it injects JS code on every page you visit.

The author of the extension responded to it with,

"Don't be alarmed. Vimium never talks to any servers and does absolutely nothing with your data. Read the open source code if you're paranoid"

I checked it out myself and couldn't see anything, and there are a fair few contributors on GitHub, who would have hopefully picked up on any malicious code.

Personally I don't use it since any increase in speed would be minimal, and I'm always wary about these things.
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Re: Vimium

Posted 16 January 2014 - 06:11 PM

Just started using it and it looks pretty neat. I'll give it a whirl and see how I like it. Being able to move up and down a page with the keyboard as well as click on links is very valuable. I like the interface quite a bit as well. I haven't figured out how to remove focus from a text box yet (that would be very nice). It treats text boxes like links so that you can give a text box focus but that's as far as I know.

Thanks for the link!

It looks like escape can be used to remove focus from an item! I just preformed this entire edit (starting from my pandoa tab a few tabs over and navigating back here from the home page) without ever touching my keyboard!

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