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encrypt a file using vb 6.0

Post icon  Posted 23 September 2007 - 01:15 PM

hi all

i am using vb 6.0 to develop applications. my request is how to create a configuration file using vb 6.0 so that the user can change the values of the file using my exe, but they must not be able view or change the values of that file using any other editor or something.
at present i am using a ms access file by providing some password for that. but in case someone can hack the password and directly open and change values, i dont want this. can someone help with a definite solution please. i tried to create the file as binary formatted file, but it doesn't work.

open "C:\mybinary.bin" for binary as #1
put #1,,"Welcome"
close #1


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Re: encrypt a file using vb 6.0

Posted 23 September 2007 - 07:04 PM

Does it have to be a very secure encryption with encryption key or would you just like to prevent a regular user from opening your data files in an editor and understanding what's in there?

If you are looking for the latter try to convert the charset into another one... maybe do some branching on what ASCII values should be translated into what.
That way your data would look like meaningless nonsense to others and you would just have to do the same thing in reverse when reading from it.

I'd write you a little sample but I don't think I'm supposed to *eyeroll*.

Should be fairly easy to get some code snippets for this on google, or just be creative.
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