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Indenting css.

Posted 04 February 2014 - 07:02 AM

Guys, I am a starter web-developer and am learning CSS and html these days...

I like to take inspiration from various websites i come across to develop.
so i usually use view page source and dev.tools to find how that site is constructed...
But guys when i select the css file for viewing , its highly scrambled and unordered (I mean not at all indented ), so its very hard to read and understand it... so u know any apps or sites which can indent and css files you choose appropriately for easy reading...

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Re: Indenting css.

Posted 04 February 2014 - 07:38 AM

What you are talking about are minified files. Unnecessary white-spaces are removed to reduce the size of the file.

Many IDEs offer automatic re-factoring features for code, allowing you to auto-format it. Of the top of my head I remember seeing such features in , WebStorm/PhpStorm, Netbeans, Eclipse and Visual Studio.

There are some websites out there too, who offer this. I've tried several with mixed results. This one is one of the better sites I've seen.
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Re: Indenting css.

Posted 08 February 2014 - 08:36 PM

In recent versions of the Chrome Dev Tools there should be a CSS prettifier button, although usually you don't need to look at the structure of the CSS as much as what has been applied to the DOM.
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