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Post icon  Posted 26 September 2007 - 05:53 AM

SEO tricks in CSS :

Use nicely formatted h1 tags right after the <body> tag for


An h1 tag is worth its’ weight in gold, so to speak. It will hold much more value on your site than regular text. So by placing key words in h1 tags, you make your content worth more to a search engine.

In combination with h1 tags, try using a background image for the 'logo' so your h1 remains the first thing the search engine crawler sees. The closer to the top of the page that your h1 tags are, the more they are worth. So by using background images, your h1 tags are that much closer to the top of your page, & therefore worth that much more to your overall SEO value.

I use Javascript “onmouseover” to change the cursor from text to default pointer. By using text rather than images, you will add more occurrences of key words. Also, by changing the font of the text, the text will look more like a photo. Remember that a crawler doesn't recognize text that is contained in your images.

Use your CSS to form your font choices, both in your paragraph tags as well as your tables. Font tags and tables make the HTML code harder to crawl accurately. Also remember that a portion of your visitors are still on dial-up and if the HTML code still contains lots of tables & other code, the page could take extra seconds to load!

Move the unique text that you want the page to rank for, along with any related links to the top of the HTML file. This is probably the single most important reason for using CSS from an SEO perspective, and can have a significant impact on rankings.

Also, using CSS cuts down on content->code ratio. This can make your entire site easier and more efficient to crawl, leading to better indexing of your site's content.


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Posted 06 November 2007 - 07:14 AM

Thanks for tutorial :)
this code works for opera 9.5

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