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Ive always been a Batch boy, but its time to move on.....

Posted 28 March 2014 - 06:51 PM

I started from the bottom and now Im here
I can do batch and have been to exacute server Adminisrtation but Ive grown bored and want to be the person to make the apps I have VB 2010 Ultimate and a thirst for knowledge
Here are some of the projects ive ben working on before I ran into this sweet gem of a site

Admin Console with GUI to:
Install and Verify default apps for new computer builds
Install printers that are already in the environment over lan
restart service remotely

a simple/expandable IM with logging
100+ users
non-evasive running on a vlan with hard coded port

Im of coarse trying to do this in all VB or as much VB as possible.
I have read all the warnings.
I will not be out right asking for your snipets, I want Direction and to learn how to use the functions. And harness what I learn in Future apps
Feel free to send me email, Friend request or whatever...Peace

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