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Use a custom culture without admin privileges ?

Posted 11 June 2014 - 11:17 AM

Hello ! I am using .resources files in my .NET application to make it easy to change the language. My problem is, one of the main objective of it is to change through different versions of the same language. Not like britain english or usa english, but different types of users that use different specific vocabulary for the same thing. So I would like to handle custom languages, which my actual solution (changing the Thread language and use a ResourceManager) can't do, since the CultureInfo class only takes "true" languages. I tried to register a new language using CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder, but I must have the admin privileges for that, which I don't. So is there a way to use a custom culture without registering it ? Or is there a method like ResourceManager.GetString that would search any culture it is given as parameter, not only the existing ones on the computer ?

I managed to have a culture with a custom name by heriting the CultureInfo class and overriding the name property. But the ResourceManager.getString doesn't work any better when I try and use it with that culture, it returns the string of the main langage (en-TEST returns the string in the en file, but en-GB works just fine so I believe I overrode the property the right way)... It's like ResourceManager only searches for pre-defined possible extensions. Someone had that problem before ?

Thank you !

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