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anchor link not working in jquery mobile and ajax

Posted 26 June 2014 - 05:16 AM

i created an ajax form page in jquery mobile but when a click on a link that will take me to the ajax page, it does not link well. it seems that jquery mobile uses the "#" sign to name pages.

example, when a click on link
<a href="http://localhost/data/insert_ajax.html">form page</a>

i will end up having this links in my browser

and as such, the page will not load.

i have used data-ajax="false" or rel="external" it works by reloading the page and that is not what i want.

I want the page to be linked normally and so i tried to eliminate "#" sign as in the code below but i cannot get it work.

 $('body').on('click', '.homeSet', function(ev) {
   // $.mobile.changePage('http://localhost/data/#/data/insert_ajax.html', {
$.mobile.changePage('http://localhost/data/insert_ajax.html', {
        transition : "slide"
    return false;



in the body of form i have this

<a href="#" class='homeSet'>ajax_form</a>

any help please.

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