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Looking for programmers to help with RPG

Posted 18 July 2014 - 08:27 PM

Okay first off let me tell you about my RPG. You are on an earth-like planet completely new to you and you have to survive so that you can have children that will survive.

You start off in a zone where it isn't all that cold but there is a freeze-thaw cycle all winter so you can get maple syrup and it isn't all that hot either.

The maples give you 10 gallons per tree per month of sap and for every 40 gallons of sap you get 1 gallon of syrup. You need at least 5 gallons and at most 12 gallons of syrup per year. It might add up but you can handle it.

The cows can vary from 1 gallon per sitting to 10 gallons per sitting of milk that is produced. You need at least 2 gallons of milk for every batch of cheese.

The chickens can lay from 180-320 eggs a year and at most 7 eggs per week. This leaves 45 days without egg laying. What would be the minimum rate of egg laying?

The gestation period for both humans and cows is 40 weeks. Here are the multiple birth rates for cows:
twins: 1-7%
triplets: 1 in 105,000 to 1 in 2 million for gestation, 1 in 8 million for all 3 being alive at birth
Quadruplets: 1 in 700,000 for gestation, 1 in 11.2 million for all 4 being alive at birth

I want this to be virtual and have a chat.

I know these languages:

I also want it in 3D and I want shortcuts for these commands:
Pick Up
Put Down
Check for pregnancy
Harvest(this also applies to eggs)
Check for symptoms of illness
Diagnose the illness
Treat the illness
Play(this applies to children)
Put to bed
Wake up
Go to the bathroom
Do homework

Last but not least I want this to be online and want something for making an account.

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