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Were you around during the first days of facebook?

Posted 03 August 2014 - 05:04 AM

Obviously now Facebook has an incredible amount of features and it probably makes up 10's of thousands of lines of code but I'm thinking, during the first inital launch when it was just coded by a few people in their dorm room in just over a month (if the social network movie is anything to go by) then I have to ask, how basic was the first launch?

It couldn't have been anything more than just a home page, profile pages and a search box right? Maybe a chat box to? So did anyone here use facebook during those days and if so, do you know what it consisted of?

Obviously when people say "Zuckerberg coded Facebook in his dorm room in 6 weeks" would lead some people to believe it's the same level of Facebook we are using today but obviously that isn't true.

Just wondering that's all. How difficult would it have been for a graduate to make the same thing if they had the same idea or what his level of coding "genius" and what he did in 6 weeks would have taken others 6 months?

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Re: Were you around during the first days of facebook?

Posted 03 August 2014 - 06:45 AM

As far s I know, Zuckerbert isn't really a coding "genius" as such. The real genius was in the concept and implementation of his site.

The core features of Facebook aren't really that hard to code. I doubt any half-decent coder would have had a problem implementing them, if given a proper description of what the end result should look like and function.

It can even be said that Zuckerberg made a couple of huge mistakes in his first implementation. He didn't foresee how ridiculously huge this would turn out to be, so he used technologies that don't really scale that high: PHP and MySQL. The Facebook developers have had to spend a lot of time working around that, even going so far as to write fixes into PHP and MySQL itself. - They actually built a PHP compiler, to speed up the execution of the code.

If he'd been planing for what actually happened, I doubt he'd have used these tools, and I doubt very much he'd have done it in 6 weeks.
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Re: Were you around during the first days of facebook?

Posted 06 August 2014 - 04:47 PM

It's pretty interest to read what they've done with MySQL check out their page on FB https://www.facebook...ebook?ref=br_tf
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