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Electric's Signature Service

Posted 21 September 2014 - 01:35 AM

Hey all,

If you would like a custom signature created, I am more than happy to whip one up for you. I have fairly decent skill with working with photoshop and can make you a signature based on my design style. If you look at my signature that is the quality of work I can create (maybe a little better depending on how much time I put in...) There is just a couple things I would need from you which I'll list below. Also, be aware that sometime I won't have your signature developed right away. Sometime I get caught up with classes and work so I'll do my best (it is a free service at all, coming from the kindness of my little ol heart). :')


Here is what I could use:
1. Name (if wanted) that you would like to display on the signature.
(Capitalized, Upper Case, Lower Case)?

2. Focal image (Something you associate yourself with or something you like)
(You can either provide me with an image (PNG format) or give me the name of it and I'll do my best to pick one out regarding the category).

3. Background image / color
(Image / color that you would like to display in the background. If none the leave blank).

4. Anything else you would like to add / suggestions.


If you're lazy and/or just don't care what you get, you can request a random signature. If you request a random signature, I will develop it based on these guidelines.

1. I will go to your profile and look at your avatar and or picture and get an idea from that.

2. I will then read your latest post on a separate thread to get more ideas.

3. I will then use my magical talent to blend what I have seen and read into a god knows what.

WARNING: May come out god awful or just straight up gorgeous.

Pardon my spelling errors. I have had a couple drinks . . . :stupid: :rockon:

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