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Totally new, pharmacy major learning programming

Posted 10 October 2014 - 03:17 PM

Hey guys,
I'm totally new and admittedly sort of intimidated to be on this site.
Can't say I've dreamt in code yet bc I just started my journey, but I'm currently learning python (my only past experience is a one week summer camp experience with C++ 7 years ago).
A little about me: I was initially an aspiring to go to med school before starting college but I got into pharmacy school in a program out of high school. Can't say that was my dream career, but it felt like the right field to go into at the time. Unfortunately, during the peak of pharmacy school, the market started to become saturated and some new grads are facing job problems. I applied to about 40+ places all over the country (in the US) so far and haven't heard back for an interview :(. Graduated in May.
My dad is a software engineering and was the one who enrolled me in the C++ summer camp and insisted I learn Python while I'm looking for a job and studying for my boards. I actually used to do some minimal HTML/Javascript stuff when I was about 12 to make personal webpages, but I never really thought of it as a career. I'm more of a life sciences, anatomy/physiology and public health junkie but have always been pretty good with computers and am actually interested and excited about learning a programming language now that I have some free time, so to speak. I'm exploring some different career options having a computer background could possibly open me up to: looking into clinical/health informatics, data analysis, etc. but am also possibly interested in Ruby and iOS development more for personal interests.

Anyway, I'm wondering if there are other newbies or former newbies willing to give advice and anybody who does programming as a side from what they studied in college, it would be cool to hear your story and journey too.
I'm excited to be a part of this community and look forward to talking to some of ya'll!

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Re: Totally new, pharmacy major learning programming

Posted 10 October 2014 - 03:36 PM

Hello, code_bagel! Here is a warm "welcome on Dream.In.Code!" to make your intimidation go away :)
As long as you respect this community, it will respect you back. Even the sole reason of wanting to learn something new is something to respect a lot!
C++ is something rather hard to start with when it comes to programming. But, having the advantage of having a father that is software engineer and could help you a lot, should spur you on the right track pretty fast, as long as you are genuinely interested in becoming a programmer. As for the jobs, even if you won't make a career out of it (who knows, after all?), you will still won't be disappointed. There is a certain reward in becoming a creator of software, a master of the computer, so to speak. Trust me, i'm an engineer :)
Good luck on the journey you started! And see you around on the forums! ;)
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