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Environtment variable not show in Rails C

Posted 12 November 2014 - 12:33 AM

Hello guys, i'm new ruby u can say i'm noob :bigsmile:
I wanna ask about ruby on rails,
Environment variable can be set using application.yml

I have a code like this in application.yml

    defaults: &defaults
      STORE_URL: https://localhost:3000/
      <<: *defaults
      <<: *defaults
      <<: *defaults

and also set the configuration on application.rb

    if File.exists?(File.expand_path('../application.yml', __FILE__))
      config = YAML.load(File.read(File.expand_path('../application.yml', __FILE__)))
      config.merge! config.fetch(Rails.env, {})
      config.each do |key, value|
        ENV[key] ||= value.to_s unless value.kind_of? Hash

and add this code to .gitignore


When i run on terminal to test ENV, by using this comman
rails c development

the output should be like this:

    [1] pry(main)> ENV
    => {"Test1"=>"Tester1",

In Rails 3.0.20 and Ruby 1.9.3p545 it work so simple when i tested it by type or adding new Key and Value on application.yml .but, on Rails 4.1.5 and Ruby 2.0.0p541 it wont goes like that

Need Your Help Guys!

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